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Giant's Causeway Detail
Highland Sunset, Scotland
Hand - Statue, Berlin
Now, where to land!
Your turn now !!  Soho London
The Full Moon
Dry Stone Wall
Pear Tree Blossom & Leaf Bud
Viking Skull, Yorvik Museum, York
Stone Wall
Cherry Pickers at rest
Water droplets on Grass Stem
Hong Kong is not only for the rich 01
Soft & Hard
'Popped' Red Boxes
Discus Fish (Mating Pair)
Rockpool, Giant's Causeway
'Take our picture, Mister'
Soho Market Stall
Spanish Steps
Hong Kong is not only for the rich 02
The Full Moon
Caves of the Mind
'Popped' Poppy
'I'm bored, Dad'
Stonehenge Sunset
Leaf Pool